NR Apartment is a 4-bedroom apartment home, for a family of 6,  located  in the suburbs of Ahmedabad.

Designed for a family comprising of 3 generations, NR Apartment is conceptualised around making a comfortable home relatable and relevant to all the family members. The material palette in the common areas is kept warm and muted with brass highlights, allowing  inclusivity to all the users – while more colours and textures come into play, in the further personalised private spaces.

The brass and wood partition between the living and dining spaces is designed to be an element that anchors the directionality of spaces as well as governs the visual language of the common areas. The screen acts as a backdrop to the sitting as well as dining spaces, while adding a layer of privacy into inner spaces of the apartment.

The master bedroom comprises of a warm combination of wood and beige tones, with a play in solid and reflective surfaces. The parents’ bedroom is dominated by a pleasing pastel tone of blue, accented with wood, and shades of grey and white. The daughters’ bedroom is specifically designed around their deep interest in outer space.

Naman Reshamwala
2018 - 2020
1,900 sq.ft
Design Team
Kaveesha Shah, Aashna Khetan
Khyati Chudasama
Ishita Sitwala | The Fishy Project