Saransh is an architectural partnership studio based in Ahmedabad, India, operating in the fields of architecture, planning and interior design. The studio was founded in 1994 by Manish and Malini Doshi – architects, and alumni of CEPT University. Saransh currently employs a full-time staff of 16 architects and interior designers, in addition to long-standing collaborative relationships with a number of consultants and agencies from allied fields; together, these teams help us achieve a precise execution of the assignment at hand.

With the addition of Kaveesha Shah, Malay Doshi, and Purvi Tank we are now stepping into the next phase of our practice – expanding, diversifying and streamlining in tune with the sensibilities and requirements of a rapidly expanding clientele. Saransh is addressing the larger concerns of urban impact and environmental sustainability through the newer additions to its extensive portfolio.


Saransh is the Hindi term for ‘summary’. At Saransh, we believe that good design follows strong concepts, and concepts evolve as cohesive responses to multiple factors. Our design approach has two layers to it: firstly, understanding the requirements of the clients and devising a programme that addresses them; and secondly, conceptualising and detailing in line with those requirements. As a result, our design vocabulary is diverse, contextual and driven by client’s need with each of our works maintaining a distinct identity despite overlap in typology.

Architecture focuses on independent projects, we create spaces that correspond perfectly to the needs and tastes of the individual , from the ingress of sunlight in a room to the material used in the facade. The Design domain takes us one step closer to the needs of the individual; from the surface one walks on to the space one sleeps – we design keeping in mind every aspect of one’s daily life. Urbanism caters to all projects addressing the mass. We are attempting to address city-level issues that run parallel to economic conditions the time – such as accommodating urban immigration, development of low-cost housing, and ensuring better living conditions for all.


Dhwani Desai

Junior Architect

Hardi Amin

Project Leader

Kaveesha Shah

Partner, Design

Khyati Chudasama

Design Visualizer

Malay Doshi


Malini Doshi

Founding Partner

Manish Doshi

Founding Partner

Mansur Ali



Junior Architect


Office Assistant

Preeti Shrimali

Project Leader

Purvi Tank


Saurin Dave

Office Manager

Shankar Yadav

Office Assistant

Urvashi Gupta

Interior Designer


Junior Architect


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