AN house is a family home situated in a suburb of Ahmedabad. The plot is located at a junction and has two roads touching it. The design needed to accommodate their requirements of a 4 bedroom house while keeping in mind their need for a garden near the public areas.

The massing of the house was done such that the building did not look bulky. The high compound walls and a floating first floor over thin steel columns were a start towards that. To help with shading and privacy, aluminium screens were added to the ground floor, stairwell and even a part of the garden. These screens are meant to open up as and when required, hence providing a dynamic nature to the ground floor. The first floor, which it’s deeply recessed windows, is meant to look much heavier along with the compound such as to create that illusion of it floating.

The entry leads to an open plan living and dining space, with a double-height puja in the corner. The master bed and a formal seating space take up the rest of the garden facing areas, whereas the kitchen and service areas are towards the back. The first floor comprises of a further three bedrooms and a small home theatre.

Arti and Nitin Shah
2019 -
5,325 sq.ft
Design Team
Manish Doshi, Malay Doshi, Hardik Siddhpura, Arihant Bajaj
Nalin Prajapati
912 Consultants