Sabarmati river flows through the city of Ahmedabad and has been an integral part in the history of the city. The Gandhi ashram is an important heritage entity of the city and one of the only private properties that directly transcends into the riverfront.

The pavilion is an annex to the Gandhi ashram riverfront promenade and gives a whole new vista for the heritage itself.  From experiencing the heritage and looking back at the river, the pavilion makes it possible to experience the river and look back at the ashram. It  helps in bridging the gap between the two important identities of the city, hence blending them into one.  

The pavilion is imagined to be used for multi-purpose activities that may change with the course of the year and demand of the site, keeping the nature of the viewing decks, the floating container and the site experience intact. The floating container on the river strengthens the personal interaction with the river surface and also feeds into the future possibilities of  public interaction with the opposite edge of the riverfront. 

The standing container being stark red in colour, responds to the gradual red descend from ashram to the concretised riverfront. From where the shift from grey to blue shade of the container symbolises an ascend from riverfront to the river itself.

Unbox - VolZero
Competition Entry, Shortlisted: Top 50
1,750 sq.ft
Design Team
Malay Doshi, Geeta Deshpande
Sep 2017
Shortlisted, Top 50, Competitions.VolZero | Unbox 2017