Akshatam Housing is a series of 4 projects in Palanpur, for the development of row houses and bungalows ranging from 2 to 4 bedroom houses. These projects are mainly a contribution to Society by providing every resident a piece of land, a tree & its shade. This was possible only because these sites are pieces of land owned by the client since a long time so achieving a low FSI worked for the Client economically too. 

The units are very compact, addressing the needs of fast and affordable housing in a growing town. All these projects are located in different localities of Palanpur but follow the same concept, that of allowing a majority of the apartment dwellers in the city to shift to a house of their own.

Akshatam 1 & 2 started the development of an undeveloped area by inspiring people to move to that part of the town. Similarly Akshatam 3 was proposed in another undeveloped part of Palanpur & has again brought people to that area by its amenities, quality of construction, water conservation systems & the society being self sufficient with its utility shops, community space, gymnasium & walking track. This was a much larger scheme with almost 200 homes, located off a busy highway. The layout revolves around 3 open spaces with a large space at the entrance, lined with trees, to give distance & create a sound barrier for the main housing ensuring a peaceful atmosphere.

Ami Infra Developers
2014 -
2,30,000 sq.ft
Design Team
Manish Doshi, Vihangi Shah, Dhara Shah
Nalin Prajapati
Rachana Creation