This studio, located in Ahmedabad, is designed as a place of work for a design firm. The design is an outcome of two penthouses retrofitted into one seamless space for design and discussion. The design here focuses on natural light being the most important element around which all the spaces surround.

The studio is divided into two basic parts, the space for thought and the space for production, both of which are separated by a place for discussion. The space for thought has a more direct natural light source as it surrounds around a courtyard, while the space for production has an indirect source through north facing skylights.

All these spaces are separated only by glass, as the entire office avoids any solid partitions. This was a conscious decision to allow everyone working in this space to know what is happening across the studio always. The only solid partition is the one near the waiting area after which the entire space opens up. 

The materiality of the studio focuses on the duality of whites and wood, with blacks and reds coming in for only highlighting certain elements. All the transitional spaces are majorly a seamless white with a few wooden elements scattered around, while as one enters the spaces with a more specific function, the amount of wood increases to create a sense of a warmer environment.

The project tries to reuse as much as possible, which brought the project cost down considerably. In the furniture, all the white pieces (storage & tables) have been reused from the previous office and house, while all the wooden pieces are new. Even the green wall in the balcony is built out of recycled glass bottles.

1,750 sq.ft
Design Team
Malay Doshi
Malay Doshi, Geeta Deshpande, Madhuvanti M.
Madhuvanti M.
Khyati Chudasama
912 Consultants
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