JC House is a private residence with a mixed-function programmatic requirement. The owner is a pharmaceutical raw material trader and his wife runs a catering business through which she supplies packaged health meals. The owner wanted an office at home and the lady needed a big second kitchen for her business.

Since the site is located on a busy commercial arterial road, the residence part of the project was elevated to the first floor thereby giving it the needed peace and privacy. The owner’s office space was designed on the ground floor along with a big room for games and home theatre. The terrace of this room becomes the garden for the residence on the upper floor.

JC House is a five-bedroom villa for the three-generation family, with two big kitchens – one for the family and the other for the catering business. The South and east boundaries of the plot become covered utility passages and form the base plate on the upper floor for the second kitchen and utility area of the main kitchen.

The house itself is three-storied with the lowest level having the common living and dining spaces with a guest room while the upper two floors take the four bedrooms for the family members. The first and second floors are connected by a double-height dining space which adds an element of spatial volume besides allowing easy communication between the elderly parents with house staff. Rooms on all floors have terraces, balconies and sit-outs with planters.

A play of stone and stone-crete plaster is used to highlight the different masses in the facades of this very vertical building. The interiors are mainly a combination of wood and grey stone.

Jetra Chokshi
2019 -
8,970 sq.ft
Design Team
Manish Doshi, Pooja Rachch, Tulika Kaushik
Kalpesh Patolia (Exterior), Khyati Jadeja (Interior)
912 Consultants
Rachana Creations