Ameya Yoga Studio pays homage to India’s vibrant cultural legacy of yoga and Bharatnatyam, skilfully weaving their essence into its design. The studio’s layout beautifully accentuates the elegance of these art forms, creating a tranquil ambience.

Upon entering the studio, your gaze will naturally be drawn to the layers of curtains. Carefully selected and strategically positioned, these curtains create a visual flow that mirrors the graceful movements of both Bharatnatyam dance and yoga. They subtly guide your sight, infusing the space with a soothing rhythm while also providing a sense of seclusion, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in your practice without distractions. During performances, a curved layer of curtains adds a touch of drama and intrigue, capturing the mesmerising interplay of light and shadow, further enhancing the studio’s ambience.

Every aspect of the design has been intricately chosen to brew serenity and inner tranquillity. The use of natural elements like wood and soft fabrics creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. The colour palette exudes calmness, drawing inspiration from the gentle hues found in nature. The decor choices, inspired by Indian aesthetics, imbue the space with a profound sense of cultural richness and connection.

This studio offers a unique opportunity to delve deep into your physical and spiritual self by blending yoga with Bharatnatyam in a special way. It serves as a sanctuary for self-expression and self-discovery, whether you’re engaging in yoga asanas and synchronised breath work or expressing yourself through the artful footwork and expressive gestures of Bharatnatyam.

Ameya Yoga and Bharatnatyam Studio
Recreational Space
685 sq.ft
Design Team
Purvi Tank
Ishita Sitwala | The Fishy Project