JS house is a proposal for a Family home in Bambolim, Goa. The site is located in a gated community that has a very hilly terrain overlooking the Arabian Sea in the distance. The site itself has a level difference of around 7 meters from the highest to the lowest point facing the south. The road is at the highest point of the site and the sea is visible from a height of around 2 meters from the highest point towards the southwest.

The client needed a 5 bedroom house with an extra floor which could be rented out separately as an entire apartment. The society norms ask for the use of a sloped roof in the design along with very specific height restrictions. Keeping all this in mind, the house is designed on three levels with rental space nestled on the lowermost level. This is open on the lower end, while it needs a courtyard on the other to get in light towards the higher end. The middle level is where one enters the house. This was designed as more of an open plan with a large opening and balcony towards the southwest. The top floor houses a majority of the bedrooms and then on top of that, half of the terrace is accessible for them to have larger get-togethers.

The house is designed in three parts sectionally, with the pitched roof and the flat-roofed portion divided by a central bay, housing the vertical circulation as well as various shafts for services. The largest openings in the house are designed to face the southwest towards the sea, whereas the front is more introverted. The pastel shade of the house is aimed to make it look inviting which creates a subtle contrast with the concrete of the service bay. Throughout the facade with the use of corten steel in the railings and shaft screens gives an accent to the otherwise monolithic massing of the house.

Jaidip Simaria
Bambolim, Goa
6000 sq.ft
Design Team
Malay Doshi, Tamanna Gupta
Malay Doshi